About Us

Gabe Sheoships

(Cayuse, Walla Walla)


Gabe has dedicated his life's work to protecting, restoring, and reclaiming Indigenous First Foods and their ecological habitats. Through grounding in traditional ecological knowledge and the natural law of Tamanwit, Gabe's work encompasses cultural education, habitat restoration, and inter-generational empowerment and leadership. Over a span of 20 years, Gabe has led efforts that have positively impacted Tribes, federal, academic, non-profit and local organizations.

Gerard Rodriguez

(Yaqui, Nahuatl)


I prioritize working for the community and generations to come. I want to pursue incorporating Indigenous stewardship into land management and providing more opportunity for cultural education and places for people to gather and be with the land.

As we continue to grow, I will not compromise these values and goals and remain rooted in our practices, from the way we work together to how we work community and partner organization. We should always prioritize elevating other Indigenous people and work to bring our community closer.

Chris Rempel

(Kalapuya, Chinook, Klamath)


Chris works with Indigenous Traditional Ecological and Cultural Knowledge (ITECK) through Tribal and local government projects and youth education. He is currently working with the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde on a cultural landscapes survey of the upper Willamette watershed.

Greg Archuleta

(Willamette Tumwater & Clackamas Chinook, Santiam Kalapuya, Shasta)


Greg has interests in cultural landscapes and traditional and contemporary connection, access, protection and use. This includes partnerships for short-term and long-term restoration, use of Traditional Ecological Knowledge to care for the land and provide for Tribal uses and projects that provide unique knowledge sharing to help people connect to the land for today and the future. Honoring our Ancestral Knowledge for our Future Generations. Greg is an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde.